Register for Programs

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Registration Policies and Procedures


· All programs are offered to Waltham residents only, unless otherwise
· Before registering, check that the participant meets the age/date of
   birth/grade level qualifications.
· Registrations are accepted on a first-come, first-served basis until a
   program fills or begins.
· The Recreation Office maintains a waitlist for sold out programs. 
   Please call the office.
· Each adult may register just one child, unless registering siblings.
· A processing fee of $10.00 will be charged for any changes made to
· Birth certificates and proof of residency is required for all first-time
   participants.  Please submit these to the Recreaction Office within one
   week of registering and/or before the start of a program.  Documents
   can be faxed to the Recreation Office at 781 314-3482.
· Children and adults with disabilities are encouraged to participate in our   
   programs.  Please let us know of any special needs at the time of   

Weather/No School Cancelations

· Youth programs do not meet on holidays or during school vacations.
· If Waltham schools are cancelled due to inclement weather, all youth
   programs are cancelled as well. 
· If Waltham schools are delayed due to weather conditions, programs
   may run as usual.  Please call the Recreation Office at 781- 314-3475
   for further information.
· Adult participants should check with their instructors for cancellation

Cancellation Policies

· Although we do not expect to cancel programs, we reserve the right to
   cancel due to insufficient enrollment, space limitations, or instructor
· If a program is cancelled by the Recreation Dept., all participants will
   receive a Recreation Dept. credit.
· Recreation Dept. credits can be applied to future programs, or toward
   the purchase of discount tickets.
· We are unable to issue refunds.


· If a participant needs to withdraw due to injury or illness, a doctor’s
   note will be required and a Recreation Department credit will be
· If a participant withdraws for any other reason, credits will be issued
   only if a program is full and we are able to fill the opening with another
   participant.  A Recreation Department credit will be issued. 
· Recreation Dept.credits can be applied to future programs or toward
   the purchase of discount tickets.
· We are unable to issue refunds.

Online Registration

· A limited percentage of program openings are reserved for online
· If online registration is full, walk-in and mail-in registrations are still an
· Online registrants are still required to submit a papercopy of our
   Waiver, Consent, and Release form to the Recreation Office. Online Registration

· We have employed the services of Active Network, LLC. for online
· is a secure site.
· You must have a valid credit card for online registration.  Active Network, LLC. accepts Visa, MasterCard, and American Express.
· Charged transactions will appear on your statement as Active Network, LLC.
· Please keep the confirmation email you receive from Active Network, LLC. as your receipt.
· Active Network, LLC. will charge a processing fee of 6.5% per transaction,    plus $0.50 per transaction, with a minimum of $2.00 per transaction.

By registering for programs, registering parties agree to the above guidelines. 

Any registration that does not comply with the above guidelines will be subject to cancellation.  Active Network, LLC. processing fees will not be refunded.  Only Recreation Department credit will be issued, we are unable to issue refunds.


Just a reminder! Only a percentage of available spots for each program are placed online for registration. The remaining spaces for all programs are available at Walk-in Registration. A waitlist is available at walk in registration.