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Update October 2015

The Recreation Department is currently working on various capital improvement projects to enhance parks, playgrounds, and open space with renovations and additional new recreational opportunities at different locations throughout the City.  The following list below provides a brief summary of each project and its current status, since they are at different stages from design to development and actual construction.


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On Friday, October 23, a Ribbon Cutting ceromony was held to officially reopen the Cedarwood playground.  This newly renovated park has a combination basketball court/street hockey rink area for youths, new play equipment elements for children from toddlers to age 12, adult exercise stations, perimeter walking loop, pavilion, park benches, new landscaping, additional trees, water fountain, sledding hill, neighborhood garden area, and open green space area, surrounded by the natural woodlands of the property.  


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The City has purchased another environmentally friendly composting restroom for Prospect Hill Park to be located closer to Totten Pond Road enterance area of the Park.  A bid is currently out to provide ADA accessibility from the existing parking lot area.  Bids open on mid - October.  Once a contractor is selected, contract signed, construction will begin soon. The newly purchased restroom will be operational for Public use in the spring of 2016.



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Construction Plans for the Drake Playground Improvement Project are complete.  Final revisions from the City’s consultant, Carolyn Cooney & Associates of Milford, MA have been reviewed by the Engineering Department for permitting purposes.  The consultant must make revisions as noted and submit updates before preparing documents for bidding.  It is estimated documents will be ready for bid by the end of October.  The City will then advertise for bids, seeking contractors in hopes of awarding a contract by the end of the calendar year.  The Recreation Department will seek the necessary funding request from City Officials once bids are received.


Elsie Turner
Preferred Plan
Graverson Playground
Preferred Plan

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(click to enlarge the park plan)


The Recreation Department recently entered into a new contract with Marshall/Gary LLC of Wakefied, MA to complete design services for both Elsie Turner and Graverson Improvement Projects.  Through numerous community meetings held during the calendar year, residents have decided on the Plans for both of these projects.  Plans and specifications are at 55% completed for Graverson and 65% completed for Elsie Turner.  Mr. Ben Gary will complete both projects to 100%, so the City can place both projects out to bid.  City representatives will be meeting will Mr. Gary later this month to continue progress with the plans and necessary work required with other city departments to finalize specifications and details of the plans. Parents interested in sharing their thoughts on specific pieces of play equipment to be considered in the play structures at both parks will be invited to attend an upcoming meeting.  When plans are close to 100% complete, they will be presented to the community with a timeframe for bidding, and estimated construction period.


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The City’s Consultant, Carolyn Cooney & Assoc. of Milford, MA has been working on construction documents which are nearly complete.  The City has also applied for a State PARC grant for this project.  The grant application was submitted in June. It is anticipated the City will hear from the State later this fall regarding grant awards.

The above plan depicts the final design determined for this playground after many community meetings with city officials, neighbors, park users, and other community members.  Earlier this summer the former South Branch Library Building was demolished and the plot transferred to park land thus designating the entire block for recreation.


Drainage issues at this Park must be investigated and resolved prior to park improvements being constructed.  The City’s Engineering Department needs to begin the process of researching the problems and presenting resolutions prior to the Recreation Department’s anticipated improvements to recreational facilities at this site.  The City has hired the design firm of Weston and Sampson Engineers, Inc. to design the first phase of the basketball court construction. Additional park improvements will be accomplished in a second phase.


Throughout the summer months the City’s Planning and Building Departments have been working with Greenwood Industries, Inc. of Millbury, MA to replace the roof on the building.  Construction is nearly complete and estimated to be finished by November 1, 2015.


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The City's Planning Department is currently working with a consultant surveying land at this property.  The results of the survey will assist in determinating anticipated future park improvements and renovations to existing facilities.