Capital Improvement Projects

Parks and Facilities
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Update May 2017

The Recreation Department is currently working on various capital improvement projects to enhance parks, playgrounds, and open space with renovations and additional new recreational opportunities at different locations throughout the City.  The following list below provides a brief summary of each project and its current status, since they are at different stages from design to development and actual construction.


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Construction began at Peter Gilmore.  The contractor awarded the Park Improvement Project is Green Acres Landscaping and Construction Co. of Lakeville, MA.  The contractor has secured the site, fencing off the area during construction for safety purposes, posting signs alerting residents that the Park is closed during construction.  The sod was recently placed.  It takes 3-4 weeks for the grass to take root, ensuring a healthy lawn.  Final safety inspections will also be ongoing in the next few weeks. 

The Park will reopen in the spring of 2017.  


Elsie Turner

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Graverson Playground

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The City’s consultant,  is finalizing the plans with city officials and preparing documents for public bid.


The City’s Engineering Department has begun the process of investigating the drainage issues and will assess the impact of preliminary improvements discussed at the Community Meeting.  Upon receipt of their findings, we will then be able to move the design phase forward.   


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The City's Planning Department is currently working with a consultant surveying land at this property.  The results of the survey will assist in determinating anticipated future park improvements and renovations to existing facilities.