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Update on  Projects 12/14



The City of Waltham, Planning Department receives funding from the US Department of Housing and Urban Development to invest in housing and community development projects each year. This survey is our opportunity to hear what the specific needs of the community are that are not being met. In turn, the City is able to better invest these limited funds throughout the next five years (2015 - 2019).

Pond End Tot Lot

The City has finalized a contract with the Tasco Construction, Inc. of Belmont for Park Improvements. Construction will soon be starting and continue through the summer and fall seasons.  The Park will be closed during construction. 

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Renovations Celebration
Monday, December 29, 2014

11:30 a.m.

Elsie Turner Field

AS a result of the Public meeting held on June 26, 2014 see the plan which highlights the recreation elements to be included in this renovation project.  A final plan will be developed with will include the following: appropriate size softball field to accommodate the Waltham Girls Softball and amenities including players benches, spectator bleachers, shade canopies, scoreboard, and night lighting of the field.  The final plan will also include the footprint for a concession stand/restroom building with utilities to operate it.  It will also include a walking path, picnic tables, small play area, exercise components and parking lot improvements. 

The City’s consultant is currently working on final plans and specifications to begin discussions with other City agencies including Engineering and Conservation Commission.  Once the final plan is ready it will be presented to the Recreation Board for approval and the City will have cost estimates to present the Mayor and City Council.  

Elsie Turner Field Plan

Graverson Playground

The City's Consultant Weston and Sampson, Inc continues to work on plans and specifications for the Graverson Improvement Project.

Graverson Playground Plan

Cedarwood Playground

The Recreation Deparment announces that The City of Waltham is ready to place the Cedarwood Playground Improvement Project out to bid!

The City will advertise for bids on December 31, 2014 – This is the best time of year to attract Contractors, so they can line-up work for spring construction!

The Deadline for submitting bids is set for January 23, 2015!

Upon examination of bids received,  the City’s Consultant will submit a recommendation to the City.

It is at this stage that the necessary funding will be sought from the Mayor and City Council.

Once funding is in place, a contract is executed and the contractor is officially notified to proceed!

The preliminary plans call for the project to begin in the spring and continue throughout the fall season! 

The Park will be closed entirely during the construction period to provide the contractor complete access and to hopefully shorten the

Number of days of construction, pending suitable working weather conditions!

Cedarwood Playground Plan

Drake Playground 

Final engineering and drainage designs are being studied before presenting to the Conservation Commission.

Drake Playground Plan


Peter Gilmore Playground

It is anticipated that the existing on this site will be demolished and removed this winter from the Peter Gilmore Playground area.

Koutoujian Playground

Future design plans for this site will be development using funds from the Community Block Grant Funds (CBDG).


Hillcroft Playground

Weston and Sampson, Inc was chosen as the design consultant to begin the process of discussion with the neighborhood for future improvements at the HIllcroft Playground.