Capital Improvement Projects

Parks and Facilities
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Update April 2016

The Recreation Department is currently working on various capital improvement projects to enhance parks, playgrounds, and open space with renovations and additional new recreational opportunities at different locations throughout the City.  The following list below provides a brief summary of each project and its current status, since they are at different stages from design to development and actual construction.


Construction has begun at Drake Playground with the awarding of a contract with Green Acres Construction and Landscaping Inc. of Lakeville MA.  This was the same contractor for the recently completed Cedarwood Playground project.  Construction will continue until completed anticipated for late August, at this time.    

Work to date has included tree removal, demo of play equipment, perimeter fencing installation, and preparations for drainage improvements.  


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Construction documents are complete and the City has put the job out to bid.  The bid opening is scheduled for April 29, 2016.  Once bids are received the Mayor and City Council will determine funding source for awarding a contract to begin construction.  


Elsie Turner
Preferred Plan
Graverson Playground
Preferred Plan

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(click to enlarge the park plan)



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Waltham residents are invited to meetings to view final park improvement Designs for Graverson Playground and

Elsie Turner Field with City Officials and the

City’s Consultant, Mr. Ben Gary of Marshall Gary LLC.

The meeting will be held on

Tuesday May 31, 2016
at Prospect Hill Park, Recreation Building,
314 Totten Pond Road.

Graverson Playground 6:30 p.m.

Elsie Turner Field 7:30 p.m.

The City continues to work on completing design plans for both park projects working with Marshall/Gary LLC of Wakefied, MA.  Both projects will be presented to the Engineering Department and Conservation Commission for meeting all requirements and regulations for permitting purposes.  Once plans are completed, the final proposed designs will be presented to the Community for review.  The approved plans will then be presented to the Recreation Board their approval.  



The City’s Engineering Department has begun the process of investigating the drainage issues and will assess the impact of preliminary improvements discussed at the Community Meeting.  Upon receipt of their findings, we will then be able to move the design phase forward.   


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The City's Planning Department is currently working with a consultant surveying land at this property.  The results of the survey will assist in determinating anticipated future park improvements and renovations to existing facilities.