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Workman's Compensation Affidavit - Massachusetts General Laws chapter 152 requires all employees to provide workers compensation for their employees. Pursuant to this statue, an employee is defined as "...every person in the service of an other under any contractor of hire, express or implied, oral or written.

Demolition Permit Sign Off Sheet - This form is a Utility sign off sheet, to be sure that all Utilities have been disconnected.

Debris Form - Lets the Building Department and others know where and by whom the Debris will be disposed of.

HIC Registration Form - Application for registration as a Home Improvement Contractor or Subcontractor. MGL Chapter 142A, 780 CMR R6.

Board of Appeals Form - Form must be filled out in complete when filing for a State Building Code Appeals Board.

Construction Control Affidavit

Delayed Demolition Ordinance (Chapter 23 - Ordinance # 29687) - Preservation of Historically Significant Buildings.

Demo Delay Instructions & Application

Auditorium & Public Meeting Room Use Application

Informational Forms

Small Lot Opinion

All 1 & 2 family Projects

Procedures Checklist for Residential (New Construction and Additions)

Zoning Complaint Form

Nuisance Property Complaint Form