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MASS GENERAL LAW CHAPTER 90 SECTION 20A1/2: - "It shall be the duty of any officer who takes cognizance of a violation of any provision of any rule, regulation, order, ordinance or by-law regulating the parking of motor vehicles…to give the offender a notice to appear before the parking clerk of the city or town wherein the violation occurred at any time during regular office hours, no later than twenty-one days after the time of said violation."

Parking tickets are due within 21 days of issue. If you wish to dispute a ticket online click here to dispute via the mail you should send the ticket along with a Parking Ticket Appeal Form and any supporting documents within the 21 days to:

City of Waltham/Parking Clerk
610 Main Street
Waltham, MA 02452

Parking ticket payments can be made either in person, by mail or on our website. To pay online click here.

Parking stickers are available for use in the City's municipal parking lots. The fee  is $35.00 for a monthly sticker or $350.00 for a yearly sticker. Applications are available at the Treasurer's office or you can download the form.

Click here for the parking sticker application



  1. Who sets the parking policy in the City of Waltham?
  2. When are the meters in effect?
  3. Who is entitled to park in handicap parking spaces?