Miscellaneous billing

MASS GENERAL LAW CHAPETER 41 SECTION 35: A city or town may by ordinance, by-law or vote, notwithstanding any other provision of law, general or special, provide that the collector of taxes shall collect, under title of city or town collector, all accounts due the city or town.

The City of Waltham issues bills for various city services and fees such as:

Annual Building Sign Fees Fire Inspection Fees
Annual Alarm Box Fees City License Fees
Police Details Fire Details
False Alarms Building Rentals

All bills are due 30 days from the date of mailing and unpaid bills accrue interest at 14% annually.

Failure to pay such invoices may result in the denial, suspension or revocation of any and all permits or licenses issued by the City as allowed by MGL Ch40 S57. (Delinquent miscellaneous bills)


  1. What if I believe there is an error on the bill?
  2. Do I owe interest if I did not receive the original bill?
  3. The business for which the bill was issued is no longer in operation, do I still owe?