Water Quality

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Lead in Drinking Water Update:

Historically, the City's lead and copper tests have consistently been in compliance below the minimum action levels established by the Safe Drinking Water Act.

Based upon the recent issues with lead in drinking water in Flint, Michigan and locally in the drinking water fountains at the Boston Public Schools Waltham has initiated a testing program. Waltham Public Schools, in cooperation with the Engineering/Water & Sewer Department, have initiated a representative sampling program of all 9 Waltham Public Schools where a drinking water fountain and sink was used for food preparation. This initiative has extended to the 510 Moody Street Community Cultural Center.

Water samples to test for lead in the drinking water were sent to the MWRA for analysis. We expect the results back in 2 to 3 weeks (see a link to the results below). For more information please visit the MWRA website.

As part of the lead in drinking water initiative, the Engineering Department is in the process of conducting an inventory of all water services to identify the presence of lead pipes, which were used prior the the 1960's. The inventory of approximately 14,000 water services in the City goes back 100 years.

To see the results of the recent testing for copper & lead in the Waltham Public School's drinking water, click here