Flu Information

The Department of Public Health has developed the brochure “Flu: What You Can Do – Caring for People at Home” as an informational resource to help residents care for themselves and their families without having to visit their health care provider.  

The brochure explains basic concepts such as:

  • What the difference is between a cold and the flu
  • How to keep from getting the flu
  • How to care for someone who has the flu
  • When a person should call the doctor, or seek immediate assistance through 911

Flu: What You Can Do is available at no cost in:

English: http://files.hria.org/files/FL3629.pdf

Spanish, Portuguese, Haitian Creole, Arabic, Vietnamese, Russian, Khmer, and Chinese. All versions are available for immediate download or in hard copy format in bulk quantities at http://www.maclearinghouse.com/product/FL3629.html

Looking for a local flu clinic?

Looking for a local flu clinic? Please visit https://www.mylocalclinic.com/fcss/ .

You may also call the Waltham Health Department at 781-314-3305 to obtain information about local practitioners, clinics, and pharmacies that provide flu immunizations.