Conservation Filing Instructions

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All filings must be received in the Conservation Commissions office on the Wednesday two weeks before the meeting by 12:00pm. Unless otherwise noted.  See deadline dates below.

If applicable the Conservation office will place an ad on your behalf with the local newspaper. The applicant is responsible for the payment of the advertisement.  

All forms must be sent to the following:


RDA-1 Copy  NOI- 2 Copies to:

Waltham Conservation Commission, 119 School Street, Waltham, MA 02543

1 Electronic File in PDF format to:

For NOIs and ANOIs:  Please follow the DEP instructions and new plan requirements.

For RDAs: Please follow the DEP instructions on the RDA form and provide a description of your project, map of your property and plans if applicable.

Follow this link to view and print a map of your property.


1 Copy to the MA DEP:

MA DEP, Wetlands Program, 205 B Lowell Street, Wilimington, MA 01887


2014 Filing Deadlines

Meeting 9/25/14 Deadline 9/10/14 12pm

Meeting 10/9/14 Deadline 9/24/14 12pm

Meeting 10/23/14 Deadline 10/8/14 12pm

Meeting 11/6/14 Deadline 10/22/14 12pm

Meeting 11/20/14 Deadline 11/5/14 12pm

Meeting 12/4/14 Deadline 11/19/14 12pm

Meeting 12/18/14 Deadline 12/3/14 12pm