Notice of Open Period for Application

Date: November 15, 2011

From: Community Preservation Committee (CPC)

Subject: CPA Applications accepted at any time

As enacted by the CPC on November 15th 2011, a CPA Application may be filed at any time to the CPC. If filed more than one week before a scheduled CPC meeting, it will be reviewed for acceptance by the CPC at the next meeting. Application forms can be downloaded from the city's website or a physical copy picked up or sent to an applicant by request to the CPC/CPA Office. Applications must be submitted with eleven (11) physical copies plus one unbound copy for reproduction purposes

Please read the Community Preservation Plan for complete information on the application process.

If approved by the CPC for recommendation to the City Council, an additional twenty (20) copies will be required for the City Council.

William W. Durkee Jr.
CPA Program Manager
Tel: 1-781-314-3117
FAX: 1-781-314-3118

Mail: Attention CPC/CPA
City Hall, 610 Main St.
Waltham, MA 02452-5580