City Council

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Waltham City Council 2017

2017 President, Councillor Diane P. LeBlanc

Vice President, Robert G. Logan

The City Council consists of 15 members elected for two year terms, at nonpartisan elections held in the fall of the odd numbered years, with the terms commencing on the first Sunday in January of the even numbered year. Six (6) members are elected at Large (Citywide) and nine (9) are elected by ward. All councilors have equal voting authority in the City Council. The City Council derives its power and authority from the City Charter, the General Ordinances of the City, Massachusetts General Laws and the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The City Council is the legislative body of City Government, adopting Ordinances, Orders and Resolutions while approving or confirming appropriations, appointments and other matters proposed by the Mayor .The City Clerk, as Clerk of the City Council, and Assistant City Clerk, as Clerk of Council Committees are responsible for maintaining Ordinances and records of all City Council Activity. The City Council President is elected annually by and from the members of the City Council, for a 1 year term. The City Council Vice President is appointed by the President subject to confirmation by the City Council. Committees are appointed by the City Council President, and the Chairman of each Committee is elected by the members of that Committee.



Name Title Phone
Paul J. Brasco Councillor At Large (781) 209-2567
Kathleen B. McMenimen Councillor At Large (781) 894-1247
Carlos A. Vidal Councillor At Large (781) 899-2282
Diane P. LeBlanc Councillor At Large (781) 526-1285
Ranndall J. LeBlanc Councillor At Large (617) 787-9877
Patrick J. O'Brien  Councillor At Large  (781) 891-5239


Ward Councillors

Name Ward Phone
Daniel P. Romard Ward One (617) 571-6053
William H. Fowler Ward Two (781)899-3095
George A. Darcy III Ward Three (781) 266-8888
John J. McLaughlin  Ward Four (781) 891-6486
Gary J. Marchese Ward Five        (781) 891-1512
Robert J. Waddick Ward Six (781) 891-3805
Joseph M. Giordano Jr. Ward Seven (781) 647-0077
Stephen F. Rourke Ward Eight (781) 899-1675
Robert G. Logan Ward Nine (781) 893-3572



Name Chairman/Chairwoman
Licenses & Franchises Paul J. Brasco
Economic & Community Development William H. Fowler
Finance Kathleen B. McMenimen
Public Works & Public Safety Robert J. Waddick
Ordinances & Rules Stephen F. Rourke
Long Term Debt & Capitol Planning Gary J. Marchese
Veterans Services Joseph M. Giordano, Jr.
Committee of the Whole Vice President, Robert G. Logan


Ad-Hoc Committees

Name Chairman
Committee for Use of Former Fernald Property John J. McLaughlin
Committee to Examine the Council Committee Structure Robert J. Waddick
Committee to Study the Re-Use of the Former Fitch School Stephen F. Rourke
FOG Ordinance Advisory Committee Randy LeBlanc & Charles Lombardi (Co-Chairs)
Ambulance Service Review Committee Robert G. Logan & Wiliam F. Fowler
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