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Starting in December 2014, the City of Waltham launched its official social media accounts. Utilizing some of the exciting digital capabilities that are now available, we have plans to use these various social media platforms to better enhance communication with our residents. We have categorized and prioritized the most common needs of Waltham’s citizens to ensure that the information that gets shared has the highest quality of effect.

One of our major goals for the City of Waltham Social Media is to provide timely and up to date information for Waltham residents. We will do so by providing alerts, updates, and useful information from various resources within the city. We encourage interaction with our followers, however, please make note that our role in terms of responding to inquiries is to direct you to the proper department(s) who are best able to provide accurate information & results for your specific need. We specifically are attempting not to engage in open discussions, debates, and/or be involved with other back and forth communications related to public opinion. You should also make note that our social media accounts are not monitored 24-7. We do, however appreciate your input and ensure that the appropriate department(s) will consider those thoughts.

Our social media platforms are dynamic and ever evolving and we thank each citizen for their involvement.


Waltham's Social Media Coordinator is Abby Auld. You can contact her by submitting this form. 

Below we've listed all official city accounts. Please be sure to read our social media terms/rules and our social media policy.


Additional resources on who to contact for various needs: 

Who Do I Contact For...?

City of Waltham, MA - Phone Directory


Official City of Waltham Social Media Accounts

 City of Waltham
 Waltham Police    
 Waltham Fire    
 Waltham 911 Dispatch      
 Waltham City Clerk      
 Waltham Recreation Department      
 Waltham Animal Control    
 Waltham Arts Council    
 Waltham Library  
 Waltham Energy Action    

 Waltham Historical Commission

 Waltham Cultural Council      

 The Waltham Channel


 Waltham MAC-TV


 Waltham Disability Services Commission


 Waltham Veterans Services



Waltham Public Schools Accounts

 Waltham High School  

 Kennedy Middle School


 McDevitt Middle School 


 Whittemore Elementary School


 Whittemore Elementary Principal


 Plympton Elementary School


 Stanley Elementary School


 FitzGerald Elementary School


 MacArthur Elementary School


 Northeast Elementary School


 Waltham Public Schools


 WPS Parent Information Center


 Hawk Nation Sports


 Community for Waltham Public Schools


 Superintendent, Drew Echelson


City of Waltham Councillor Accounts

 Councillor Stephen F. Rourke


 Councillor Robert G. Logan


 Councillor Patrick J. O'Brien


 Councillor Carlos A. Vidal


 Councillor William H. Fowler


 Councillor John J. McLaughlin


 Councillor George A. Darcy III



Other Useful Waltham Social Media Accounts

 Waltham News Tribune

 Waltham Patch

 Discover Waltham

 Waltham Local First


 Waltham Newswatch


 Waltham Fire Emergency Notifications


 Race Around Waltham

 Saint Jude School

 Our Lady's Academy


 Gann Academy

 Chapel Hill-Chauncy Hall School

 Bentley University

 Brandeis University

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