What Can Be Recycled Curbside?

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Acceptable Recycling Materials

Call The Street Department (781) 314-3855 if your recycling or yard waste was missed and is properly prepared.

Curbside recycling is provided to all Waltham residents, from single-family households who have regular trash services.   Recycling is picked up on your regular collection day. During holiday weeks, curbside collection is delayed one day. Always set out your recycling by 7:00am on your regular collection day and not before 7:00pm the day before. Curious where your recycling goes? Find out!

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Here is what is acceptable for curbside recycling:

Glass, Metal & Plastic Containers Glass & Plastic

Place rinsed out containers loose in your bin, not in plastic bags. Please remove lids and caps.

Include clear and colored glass; all stiff plastic containers (#1-#7); metal, steel and aluminum cans; aluminum trays, foil and pie plates; and empty aerosol containers.

No broken glass, no windows, no light bulbs, no dishes, no glasses, no Pyrex, no foam packaging or other styrofoam, no paint cans, no plant pots, or other metal items are not accepted.

Do not place containers in plastic bags or paper bags.


Paper Paper

Place paper in paper bags, not in plastic bags.

Including newspapers, magazines, phone books, office paper,  paperboard (cereal and shoe boxes), etc. Staples, plastic envelope windows and paperclips are acceptable. No wax/carbon paper, no paper cups, no tissue, and no take-out containers.


Cardboard Cardboard Flatten  cardboard boxes.
Place cardboard neatly next to your recycling bin.  You no longer have to cut and tie cardboard.
No pizza boxes.