How to recycle electronics & appliances

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EZ Disposal will pick up your TV & Computer monitors BY APPOINTMENT ONLY on your regularly scheduled pick-up day. Pick ups must be scheduled 24 hours ahead of your pick up day. To schedule a pick up, please call EZ Disposal at 781-233-2211. You can leave a message if necessary. Please make note that the driver does not assist with transport of items to the curb. Items should be placed curbside by 7am. TV & Computer moniters must be recycled because they are hazardous. For all other items, you can go to "Best Buy", as they collect most electronics at no charge. Visit, for more info. Electronics that cannot be recycled can be thrown in the trash.



EZ Disposal will also pick-up major appliances for recycling. This includes things such as washers, dryers, metal cabinets, refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners. Call EZ Disposal at 781-233-2211 to schedule a pick-up. Make note that you must call & schedule your pick-up by 3:30pm the day before. Please remove all doors from refrigerators & freezers, and leave the items upright at your curb by 7am. When you purchase a new appliance, ask the company if they can pick up your old one when they deliver the new one.