GIS Data Viewers

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Maps Online - Updated!

Maps Online provides access to the City’s GIS data and property Information 24 hours a day seven days a week. Through Maps Online you will be able to view selected property records, utility information, make your own maps, and view selected scanned data. You can search for a property by selecting a street, entering an address, Parcel ID or owner name.
Maps Online - We have recently updated the appearance and functionality of Maps Online is Waltham's GIS Data Viewer enabling users to view and query GIS Data, create maps, abutters lists, and also view zoning and property information. In addition to the new fuctionality we have created a new search tool that can be used within the map display. Users will no longer have to leave the map application to search for properties.

New! Additional Data Viewers

These data viewers have been created using updated technology to provide users with new web mapping tools that enable the public and city staff to view and query Waltham's GIS data and also create, mark up, email, and print custom maps using only a web browser.  For a printable quick guide on the many tools available, click here.
These data viewers work best with Internet Explorer. If you are using a Mac OS or Safari as your browser not all of the tools available with the viewer will be available to you. If you are using a Mac we recommend that you use Mozilla-Firefox as your web browser. The links below will allow you to access search pages where you will can either search for a property by address or access the map directly by clicking on the "Go Directly to Map" link.
Historic Property Mapper - Features historically and culturally significant properties in Waltham. The properties features were compiled from sources including the National Register of Historic Places and the Massachusetts Cultural Resources Information System (MACRIS).
Crime Mapping - The Waltham Police Department Crime Mapping Portal shows the locations of police related incidents reported throughout the City. Users can use this data viewer to locate incidents within specific distances of a property within the City an also view police incidents occuring over specific time periods.