Environmental Information

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This page provides information and links regarding environmental issues that may be helpful to Waltham residents and businesses.

General Links to Federal & State Environmental Agencies:

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) Region 1 

Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection

Release, Spill & Tank Removal Issues:

To report a release or spill of oil or hazardous material as soon as you have knowledge, CALL

  • 911 to report it to the Waltham Fire Department, AND
  • 1-888-304-1133 (free 24-hour statewide) to report it to the Massachusetts DEP Emergency Response Section.

Leak & Spill Help for Homeowners & Businesses - Massachusetts DEP

Massachusetts Property Owner's Guide to Hiring a Licensed Site Professional (LSP) - Massachusetts DEP

Asbestos, Automotive Waste, Lead & Septic Systems:

Information on managing asbestos, automotive waste, lead, septic system and private wells - Massachusetts DEP

Household Hazardous Waste:

Information on proper handling & disposal of various common household hazardous waste products - Massachusetts DEP

Storm Water:

City of Waltham Stormwater Brochure

U.S. EPA Region 1 Storm Water Information

Storm Water Management Information for Construction Activities and NPDES Storm Water Construction General Permit Factsheet

Low Impact Development (LID) Practices Information