Cemetery Forms

Instructions on Forms
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You can mail completed forms to:
Mount Feake Cemetery        
203 Prospect Street
Waltham, MA   02453
Interment Forms are for Funeral Directors or a person making arrangements without
a Funeral Director. The forms must be completed and signed by the lot owner or the
person making the arrangements.
Burial Rights Orders Forms are for lot owners who want to give someone permission
 to be buried in their lot, or simply want to set up their lot. You may assign a person a
grave number, in which case you will print the grave number and the name of the
person you wish to assign it to on the form. The lot owner or lot representative must sign 
this form and mail it back.
Representation Orders Forms are for lot owners that want to make another person in
charge of their lot. This form can also be filled out upon the death of a lot owner. This
form must be completed and signed by either the lot owner, if still living; or all the heirs if
the lot owner is deceased, and mail it back.