Who Can Take Out a Building Permit?

Any homeowner may take out a permit for work on his residence. Anyone can do building work on his home (1 or 2 family) without being registered with the City or licensed with the State or City. However, all work must conform to City codes and ordinances.

For work on buildings over 35,000 cubic feet architectural or engineered drawings must be submitted and a licensed contractor must do the work.

If you, the homeowner, contract with someone who is supposed to be a professional, you need to find out Different things about the builder.

Some questions you might want to ask:

  1. Who is to get the permit, the homeowner or contractor? If the contractor secures the permit, require him to post it on the job.
  2. Is the contractor licensed with the State of Massachusetts?
  3. Ask for references of jobs the contractor has done, and call the homeowner and ask if he is satisfied with the work.