The Engineering Department is located at 119 School Street in Room 10 of the Arthur Clark Government Center. We provide technical expertise to a variety of municipal departments, including the Planning Department, the Board of Survey and Planning, the City Council, the Conservation Commission and the Consolidated Public Works. The Engineering Department has record plans of the city's infrastructure, water, sewer and drain systems.

We administer the Infiltration and Inflow Mitigation Ordinance, the Illicit Discharge Detection Elimination Program, Stormwater Management Program and the Sump Pump Amnesty Program for the City.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Stephen A. Casazza, P.E. City Engineer (781) 314-3830
John Martino Jr. Civil Engineer (781) 314-3828
John Pizzi General Construction Inspector (781) 314-3834
Donna Cianci Principal Office Assistant (781) 314-3835
Julie Martinos Business Manager (781) 314-3839
Kimberly Evans Administrative Assistant (781) 314-3821