Recreation Department

Recreation Department's Mission Statement
The Waltham Recreation Department is committed to providing high quality programs that meet the needs of our diverse population.  The programs are accessible to all people and offer sports and leisure activities that promote a healthy and active lifestyle.  The Recreation Department plays an integral role in the design and construction of all City of Waltham playgrounds, water play facilities, athletic fields, and park improvements.

The maintenance of all Parks is performed by the Consolidated Public Works Department (CPW) for the City of Waltham. All inquiries should be directed to the Parks Maintenance Division at 781-314-3855.

Staff Contacts


Director of Recreation

(781) 314-3480

Assistant Director


Assistant Superintendent of Recreation Facilities


Recreation Supervisor/Teen

(781) 314-3538

Recreation Supervisor/Inclusion


Recreation Supervisor

(781) 314-3479

Recreation Supervisor

(781) 314-3753

Recreation Supervisor

(781) 314-3032

Administrative Assistant

(781) 314-3481

Administrative Assistant

(781) 314-3062

Park Ranger