Licensing Department

To obtain Alcoholic Beverage Control Commission forms for submissions:

The office of the Waltham Board of License Commissioners and its staff is available to assist applicants for licenses, as well as existing licensees, with any matters pertaining to licenses, rules and regulations of the Waltham Board of License commissioners and the Alcoholic Beverages Commission. Please contact the office if information or assistance is needed. It is the objective of the office of the Commission to work as closely as possible with applicants and existing licensees to maintain the highest possible standards in regards to the sale and service of food and/or alcoholic beverages.

In addition to the granting of Alcoholic Beverage and Common Victualer Licenses the Board of License Commissioners is also responsible for the issuing of One-Day Alcohol Permits, Coin Operated Amusement Device Licenses and Entertainment Licenses.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Russo Administrative Director (781) 314-3416
Darlene Wansiewicz Administrative Assistant (781) 314-3417
Det. Lt. Timothy Maher Liquor Officer (781)-314-3568

Board of License Commissioners

Name Title
Wayne F. Brasco Chairman
Kevin Ritcey Member
Kenneth W. Sumner Member