Veterans' Services

  Dial 988 / chat online / or Text 838255
The Veteran Crisis Line is Available 24/7 to provide
confidential crisis support to Veterans & their loved ones.

(You can still call 1-800-273-8255 and press 1 to chat)

The local Veterans’ Service Department is a ONE STOP center for veterans and the dependents of veterans. In addition to the duties (to aid, assist, and advise, as stated in Chapter 115, Mass. General Law), the Agents and Directors counsel, file claims, and explore every avenue of resources and revenue available to the veteran and their dependents. 

Your department of Veterans’ Services has been providing services and benefits to veterans and to the dependents of veterans since 1861. From the date of that commitment by the Commonwealth of Massachusetts that insured that no individual, who served his or her state and nation with honor during periods of war or other conflicts, would ever be "pauperized" or forced to turn to public welfare for assistance. The Massachusetts Executive Office and the Massachusetts House and Senate have shown their continued concern for the welfare of the veteran and his or her dependents with the fullest support of one of the most comprehensive programs for veterans in the country, the Department of Veterans’ Services and the local Department of Veterans’ Services.

From that start in 1861, to that date in 1888, when the Soldiers’ Relief Law was enacted, which gave cities and towns the right to support honorably discharged veterans, their spouses, widows, and minor children, to that date in 1945, when the Office of Commissioner of Veterans’ Services was created and to that date in 1946 when Chapter 115 (Veterans' Services) of the Massachusetts General Laws was reorganized to form the basis of today’s benefits and services program, the veterans within the Commonwealth of Massachusetts have not been forgotten.

With Chapter 599 Acts of 1946, mandating ‘municipal and district Departments of Veterans’ Services, Veterans’ Agents and Directors of Veterans’ Services have become the first individuals that an ill, disabled, indigent, unemployed, or injured veteran has turned to for assistance. The person in charge of each local and district Department of Veterans’ Services is known as the Agent or Director. As required by law, Agents, Directors must be veterans.

The Massachusetts Veterans’ Service Agents are committed to assist our needy veterans and their dependents, with respect, concern and compassion. Our office represents the City of Waltham and the State of Massachusetts; We do not represent the federal Government VA.

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Main Number(781) 314-3415

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michael Russo Director of Veterans' Services, Burial Agent, and Veterans' Graves Officer (781) 314-3416
Darlene Wansiewicz Administrative Assistant (781) 314-3417