Local Emergency Planning

**Reporting Year 2018 Tier II Reports**
Due by March 1, 2019
Click here to see letter from the state regarding Tier II 2017 Reporting Requirements

The State of Massachusetts is now using "Online Tier II Manager" for its notification Method.  After concluding your entry with "Online Tier II Manager" you will have the option of generating a T2S file that you can then email over to lepcchair@city.waltham.ma.us to fulfill your reporting requirements.

Tier II reporting thresholds:

Extremely hazardous substances (EHS)*

500 pounds (227 kg) or threshold planning quantity, whichever is less.

All other hazardous substances:

10,000 pounds (4,540 kg) for any material that has an SDS

*You may obtain a list of EHS substances on the EPA website here: http://www.epa.gov/emergencies/tools.htm#lol

Under the Emergency Planning and Community Right to Know Act of 1986, communities are required to establish Local Emergency Planning Committees to develop a response plans for chemical emergencies. In accordance with this legislation, the City of Waltham has identified locations where hazardous materials are stored, used, and transported.

Under Sections 311-312 of this act, the community has a right to know information about hazardous chemicals in their city, in an easily accessible form.

The Waltham Local Emergency Planning Committee fulfills its responsibilities, under the law by bringing representatives of municipal government, industry, universities and other interested organizations to identify the hazards within the city and prepare for emergencies involving hazardous materials. This plan also provides information to the citizens of our community on the chemical hazards at facilities and on the roadways of the city.

See View Contact Info above if you have any questions about the Waltham LEPC or would like to view the WLEPC Plan. Viewing of this plan by appointment only.


    Just a follow up for all Tier 2 reporters.  By Law your Tier 2 submit must be filed annually by 3/1.  To date I have received a handful of submittals, but are missing quit a few.  Please be sure to forward them along to me at lepcchair@city.waltham.ma.us.  A copy also needs to be filed with the State of Mass at Tier2@state.ma.us

   Please be sure to include emails for all contacts and 24 hour phone numbers for emergency contacts as well as Hazmat transportation routes.  Simply putting materials travel via I95 to Exit ** to ******* St. then ****** St. to our facility will do.  Some of you have been incredibly helpful by putting in the hours the trucks transporting the materials is arriving and departing.  I thank you if you have already filed and for those of you how have yet to sending your submission and have questions, please email me now so we can clear up any issues before the deadline.

Thank You

Jim Perry

LEPC Chairman

Please click link for TIER II Submit Information