Health Department

Our mission is to protect and improve the health of all Waltham residents. This means providing you and your family with protection from the basic threats to public health such as communicable disease outbreaks, food borne illnesses, unsafe and unsanitary housing, and environmental threats.

Here, you will find information and links for many health concerns. We have included current health advisories.

Your Public Health department is committed to being a helping resource to every individual in the City. We welcome your suggestions, comments, and questions for our website.


Michelle M. Feeley
Director of Public Health

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Michelle Feeley Director of Public Health 781-314-3305
Michael Delfino Senior Public Health Inspector 781-314-3312
Thomas Creonte Assistant Director of Public Health 781-314-3311
Kathy Cox Sealer Of Weights & Measures 781-314-3865
Meaghan Ritcey Public Health Nurse 781-314-3317
Ivan Colon Senior Public Health Inspector 781-314-3309
Michael J. Collins Senior Public Health Inspector 781-314-3308
Lauren Terzo Nurse 781-428-0890
Sherrie Urena Nurse 617-319-9577
Carmen Cooper Nurse 781-428-0319
Jeremiah “Mac” McArthur Nurse 781-885-6864

Board Members

Name Title
Dr. Henry Merola Board of Health - Chairman
Dr. Lee Lerner Board of Health - Member
Mr. Bernard Mullin Board of Health - Member
Mr. William Hanley Board of Health - Member
Mrs. Susan Piantedosi Board of Health - Member