Treasurer / Collector Department

Welcome to the office of the City Treasurer/Collector. This office is responsible for the daily management of all of the City’s financial obligations as well as the administration of various programs and services.

We are responsible for cash management and investment activities, collection services, tax title, parking revenue administration, deferred compensation, senior tax work-off program and municipal lien certificates. This office also participates in the management of the City’s payroll services, benefit administration, debt service and retirement services.

Collection services include real estate, personal property and excise taxes, water & sewer bills, police and fire detail bills, parking tickets and various miscellaneous invoices billed throughout the city.

The office strives to provide the highest level of customer assistance with regard to billing inquiries and payment processing.

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Thomas J. Magno Treasurer / Collector / Parking Clerk (781) 314-3251
Martin O'Malley Assistant Treasurer / Collector (781) 314-3252
Kara Chagnon Administrative Assistant (781) 314-3263
Suzanne LaCava Accounts Receivable Manager (781) 314-3258
Roxanna Bustos Senior Accountant (781) 314-3259
Peg Scarlett Principal Office Assistant (781) 314-3262
Christine Hogan Junior Accountant (781) 314-3254
Patty Keefe Payroll Supervisor / Benefits Coordinator (781) 314-3272
Tracy Viola Principal Office Assistant (781) 314-3273
Catrina Rueckwald Associate Office Assistant 781-314-3268