Fernald Reuse Committee

Note from the Mayor

The reuse of Fernald School will have a major impact not only on the residents of Fernald, but also on North Waltham and the entire City of Waltham.  The property encompasses approximately 200 acres off Trapelo Road which is a heavily traveled, narrow 'country' road.

Local community planning is imperative since residents are currently unable to access Trapelo Road to get to their homes during their daily activities.

I would encourage all citizens to help the Reuse Committee formulate a plan that works for Waltham, while preserving our open space and protecting the site from over-development.

Statement of Purpose

The Fernald Reuse Committee was originally established in 2004 in order to determine how the 196+ acre Fernald campus will be utilized once the Commonwealth of Massachusetts surpluses the site (in whole or in part).

While the case regarding Fernald has been tied up in various legal proceedings, the Committee has consistently requested analysis and documentation regarding the Fernald campus in order to be as informed and up-to-the-minute as possible.

The Reuse Committee is dedicated to ensuring that the Fernald campus is utilized in a manner that would best serve the citizens of Waltham.  

All residents are encouraged to attend Committee meetings and contact Committee members if they have any questions regarding the status of Fernald or questions in general regarding the campus.

Board Members

Name Title
Susan Fargo Member
Peter Koutoujian Member
Charlie Brophy Member
David Perini Member
Elin M. Howe Member
Joseph Attardo Member
Joe Vizard Member
Marie Daly Member
Ralph Zampitella Member
Catherine Cagle Member
Jeannette A. McCarthy Chairperson