Yard Waste Schedule

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EZ Disposal & Recycling collects Yard Waste every other week from April 10th through December 15th, 2017. Collection alternates according to your address and the shading color in your mapped zone (Shaded/Un-Shaded). 

To find out if you are a (Shaded) A WEEK resident or an (Un-Shaded) B WEEK resident, please see the attached Yard Waste Map and follow these instructions: http://bit.ly/YardWasteMap 

1. Zoom in on the map by pressing "Ctrl" and "+". Keep zooming in until you can read the street names (You can zoom out by using "Ctrl" and "-").

2. Press "Ctrl" and "F". A search box should pop up in the right hand corner. Start typing in your street name

3. Once you've located your street, see if you are in a Shaded or Un-shaded area/zone. If your street is in a Shaded area, you are an A WEEK resident. If your street is in an un-shaded area, you are a B WEEK resident.

4. Once you've determined if you are a Shaded A WEEK resident or an Un-Shaded B WEEK resident, go to page 3 of this Yard Waste Brochure and follow the calendar/schedule: www.city.waltham.ma.us/2017-2018recyclingbrochure