Rodent Control

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Rodents live in cities near people because they can find suitable food, water, and shelter to join our urban way of life. Our nation has studied rodent control programs throughout the country and throughout history. Studies aside, there are many ways we could work together to control rodent populations in our community. Simple property maintenance and proper refuse disposal practices can decrease the rodent populations. Health department inspections can also decrease the rodent populations. (click here to report rodent sightings) Overall, studies concluded that a rodent control program rich in education brings the most success at reducing rodent populations.

Do you have rats / rodents? Many variables may have come into play if rats are on or near your property. Call your inspectors they have the knowledge and know all the variables.

The City of Waltham Board of Health will work together with residents, business owners, and other City Departments to promote a better understanding of rat / rodent behavior and how to minimize their presence and impact on the community. Our inspectors are committed to rodent control and providing educational information to the public. By working together we can keep our neighborhoods clean and healthy. There's no way around it! To send the rats packing we all have to work together.

Frequently asked questions are listed below to link the community with more information and tips on rodent prevention.





Frequently asked question links:


1. What diseases are transmitted by rodents? Seriously! I can get Salmonella from a rat? 

2. Is there a way to prevent rodents from entering my home?

3. How can a rodent population be decreased?

4. What can be done to decrease contact with rodents?

5. How can I report a rodent sighting to the Health Department?


Rodent Door Flyer:

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Identification of Domestic Rodents Card:


Identification of Rodent Habitation: (courtesy of the CDC and Waltham Health Department)