Welcome to the City of Waltham 9-1-1 Center. Waltham is a city with a residential population of more than 60,000. This figure at least doubles during each weekday, presenting the public service agencies with some unique challenges in this community located 9 miles west of Boston. Waltham is the home of two major colleges.  Brandeis University ( 415 South St. ) and Bentley College ( 385 Beaver St. ).  Waltham also has a major highway run directly through it, Route 128.  This makes Waltham streets very busy when there is heavy rush hour traffic on Rte 128.

The 9-1-1 Center is staffed with 22 full time employees.  Four Emergency Telecommunication Dispatcher, or ETDs, supervisors and sixteen Emergency Telecommunication Dispatchers (ETDs) make up four groups who work the 9-1-1 floor.  There is also a Police Lieutenant who is the division commander and the Chief Dispatcher. The four groups work a 4 on and 2 off schedule.  There are three 8 hr shifts that make up a 24 hour day. The days shift hours are 7:00am to 15:00pm ( 3:00pm ), the first half hours are from 15:00pm ( 3:00pm ) to 23:00pm ( 11:00pm ), and the last half shift hours are from 23:00pm ( 11:00pm ) to 07:00am. There are 11 dispatchers who work a last half , last half, first half, first half on four consecutive days, there are 3 dispatchers that work first half, first half, day shift, day shift on four consecutive days, and there is 5 dispatchers who work four straight days.
 The main office is the home of the Division Commander  ( Police Lieutenant ) and the Chief Emergency Telecommunication Dispatcher ( ETD)

The 9-1-1 Center has a strict minimum dispatcher policy of no less than three dispatcher working at any given time.  When the 9-1-1 center is at its minimum it leaves; one dispatcher for police dispatch, one dispatcher for fire dispatch, and one dispatcher for call taking.  During large events, or the prediction of a large storm, the 9-1-1 center might hire an extra dispatcher for the shift due to the call volume most likely doubling it's average.

The 9-1-1 center is broken down into the following six positions.  All of which have the most current Enhanced 911 technology and Computer Aided Dispatch, or CAD, programs. 

For more information please contact Dispatcher Arnold at sarnold@city.waltham.ma.us or see a list of E-911 FAQS