File Police Reports for Lost / Stolen Items Online

The public can file reports on-line using the form submissions below. Please choose from the list of reports you'd wish to file and we'll send you back an e-mail with your police report incident number within 24 hours (72 weekends). If a report is needed faster, please come to the front counter of the police station (155 Lexington St) or call the non-emergency line at 781-314-3600.

You may only file an on-line e-mail report if :

  • There is no suspect information. 
  • There is no evidentiary value such as a tape from a phone call, finger prints from stolen item area, or item dropped by suspect.

If you are not sure if online reporting should be used called 781-314-3600 and ask to speak with an officer. You can attach photos of property or documents to the online report.

Types of Templates (Choose one of the following options below):