Capital Improvement Projects

Parks and Facilities

Update August 2021

The Recreation Department is currently working on various capital improvement projects to enhance parks, playgrounds, and open space with renovations and additional new recreational opportunities at different locations throughout the City.  The following list below provides a brief summary of each project and its current status, since they are at different stages from design to development and actual construction.

Summary of Capital Improvement Projects of Waltham Parks
(before and after)
2015 - 2020

Lowell Field

Lowell Field

A Community Public Input meeting was held on Tuesday, August 3, 2021 to discuss Lowell Field
Improvements. The City is seeking a desiger for future improvements.

McDonald PlaygroundThompson Playground

Designer: NESRA Engineering

Contractor: Green Acres Landscaping


The McDonald and Thompson Playground Capital Improvement project began in early April of 2021. 

For the safety of everyone, both Park locations will be closed during the duration of the project.

McDonald Current Conditions
Pre-Construction Photo


McDonald Future Design

Thompson Existing Conditions

Pre-Construction Photo



Thompson Future Design


Designer: Hedlund Design Group
Contractor: Green Acres Landscaping


Construction began in March of 2021 and will continue through Spring and Summer. 


The Base Area, off Totten Pond Road, as well as Vehicle Access will be closed during construction. Pedestrian access into the Park is available at the South Entrance, Prospect Hill Road.
Additional parking and pedestrian access into Prospect Hill Park are available at 200 5th Ave. 


For the safety of all, visitors are not permitted in the construction area.  We appreciate your understanding.

Click on the Prospect Hill Park webpage for more up to date info!

PHP existing conditions







Mokema Woods Conservation Land Reclamation Project
Mokema Restoration
City of Waltham - Waltham Department of Recreation
DEP File No. 316-0769