Capital Improvement Projects

Parks and Facilities

Update February 2017

The Recreation Department is currently working on various capital improvement projects to enhance parks, playgrounds, and open space with renovations and additional new recreational opportunities at different locations throughout the City.  The following list below provides a brief summary of each project and its current status, since they are at different stages from design to development and actual construction.


Elsie Turner

Click to view approved plan

Graverson Playground

Click to view approved design and details of play equipment

The City’s consultant, Carolyn Cooney & Associates have completed the plans.  A Construction Company has been selected.  The City is now in the process of seeking funds.


Thank you all those in the Community who provided input for future improvements to Hillcroft Playground.  Based on final comments at the November 2017 meeting, the link below is the final design concept, provided by City Consultants - Weston and Sampson.

Hillcroft Final Proposed Design November 2017

Cornelia Warren Park

A RFP for design services is underway.  The Recreation Department is looking to improve the facility and site amenities.