Tax Title

MASS GENERAL LAW CHAPTER 60 SECTION 53 - If a tax on land is not paid within fourteen days after demand therefore and remains unpaid at the date of taking, the collector may take such land for the town, first giving fourteen days' notice

Once a demand has been issued and remains unpaid the following steps are taken:

1st notification of lien letter
2nd notification of lien letter
3rd and final notification of lien letter
Newspaper advertisement and tax taking

Interest accrues on tax title accounts at 16% (View current tax title list)

Taxpayer's will receive a letter from the Law Department notifying them that a lien has been placed on their property and instructing them to contact the Treasurer's Office to arrange for payment. Taxpayer's can then enter into a monthly payment agreement (Payment Plan Form).

Accounts that do not negotiate a payment agreement or fail to make their scheduled payments are forwarded to the Land Court for foreclosure proceedings.


  1. Why is there a lien on my property?
  2. How do I get the lien off?
  3. What if I can't pay it all at once?
  4. Can I redeem one delinquent year separately from other years?
  5. Do my installment payments cover my current annual taxes?