Electric Car Charging in Waltham

Electric Car Charging stations are located at the following locations:

Lot NameSpace Number(s)Effective Rate
Crescent Lot258-259$3.00/hr - 2 hour maximum limit
Spruce/Walnut Lot174-175$3.00/hr - 2 hour maximum limit
Embassy Lot1215-1220$3.00/hr - 2 hour maximum limit
Central Deck Lot756-757$3.00/hr - 2 hour maximum limit
Church Street Lot585$3.00/hr - 2 hour maximum limit

ONLY electric vehicles can park in these spaces. Any non-electric vehicles that park here are subject to a $50 fine. You can see a Municipal parking map here.

Parking rates are effective as of 11/21/22. As a reminder, you now have the option to pay to park using our “Pay by Phone” mobile app. Any cars remaining in these spaces after the 2 hour mark are subject to ticketing.

Want an easier way to find electric car charging stations near you? Visit plugshare.com or download their free PlugShare app!