Piety Corner Redesign

Piety Corner Redesign
  • Update as of 3/6/23: 
    The construction at the Piety Corner intersection (Lexington Street/Totten Pond Road/Bacon Street) is scheduled to resume at some point in the month of March, depending on the weather. See a full rendering of the new Piety Corner redesign here

    Over the preceding fall and winter, the overhead wires were removed from utility poles that were in the way of the new alignment of Totten Pond Road, and those utility poles have now been removed. That has given the roadway contractor the ability to begin constructing the new segment of Totten Pond Road. Once the construction resumes, you will see the contractor building the new roadway, building the new sidewalks, and installing the new traffic signal equipment. Once the new alignment of Totten Pond Road is complete, traffic will shift over to this new alignment, providing a smaller, safer, and more efficient intersection. Then the existing pavement along Totten Pond Road that is no longer needed will be removed, replaced with grass. This entire process will resume in the coming weeks, and is projected to be complete by the summer.
  • Update as of 3/13/19: Click here for Traffic Commission redesign presentation

  • Update as of 3/15/16: Piety Corner Intersection Options