Textile Recycling Options

Textile Recycling Options

As part of Massachusetts' statewide Master Plan to reduce overall waste & disposal 30 percent by 2030, among its strategies for reaching objectives, MassDEP has expanded its current waste disposal bans by adding textiles to the list of materials banned from disposal or transport for disposal in MA. "Textiles" includes items such as clothes, shoes, linens, towels, curtains, and cloth accessories. Per State rules, as of November 1st, 2022, textiles will no longer be allowed in the trash so they can be recycled or donated for reuseSee more on the MA waste disposal bans

95% of textiles thrown away in MA could be reused or re-purposed! Textiles should never go in your household recycling bin. They also do not belong in the trash, unless they are wet, moldy, or contaminated. *Please note: Even if your textiles are ripped or dirty, you can still donate these items. Textiles that cannot be re-purposed will get broken down. See more on Textile Recovery (including take-back programs), more from Recycle Works, and see below for alternative textile disposal options:

  • BBBS - Big Brother Big Sister Foundation
    Waltham is partnering with Big Brothers-Big Sisters to collect clothing, textiles, housewares and more! These collections divert clothing and housewares out of the landfill. When you donate, you are helping our city and thousands of children across the state. You can schedule your free home pickup by visiting online BBBS Foundation | Big Brother Big Sister Foundation or texting "Pickup" to 508-466-4590


  • Simple Recycling Curbside Collection Program
    The City of Waltham launched a curbside recycling program for clothing and a variety of household goods. The program is in addition to our current recycling program. This free program is run by Simple Recycling in cooperation with Waltham’s Recycling Department. It is not run by the Consolidated Public Works Department and does not require enrollment.

    Simple Recycling’s primary focus is on clothing and accessories, but they will also take small usable household discards (see list of accepted items and full overview here). This recycling initiative is part of the City’s attempt to reduce Waltham’s trash tonnage and reduce the amount of trash going to landfills. Simply fill any bag labeled as "Simple Recycling" and call to schedule a pick-up at 866-835-5068. You can also schedule pick-ups and report missed pick ups with Simple Recycling online here. Bags should never be placed in or on your blue wheeled cart. To learn more about Simple Recycling, go to: http://simplerecycling.com/.
  • Textile Collection Organizations Operating in Massachusetts
    See here for a list of additional disposal options in MA, compiled by MassDEP