How do I get a Recycling Cart?


The city has transitioned over to collecting blue wheeled recycling carts that were delivered to Waltham households in November 2017. The smaller bins will no longer be collected by the city for curbside recycling, and are no longer availabe for pick up at the department office. Only the city-distributed wheeled carts will be picked up by the city. Recycling bins can be use to transport your reclables from the house to the cart outside. The bin will not be picked up at the curb. If you want to recycle your bin, put your bin in your new recycling cart and it will be recycled. To get a new or extra recycling cart, call 781-314-3390.


Recycling is picked up every week in Waltham on your regular recycling & trash day. 
Please consult the Recycling & Trash Brochure to learn how to prepare your recycling