Bulk Item Disposal

Residents are allowed to dispose of 1 bulk item per week in addition to their trash barrels. "Bulk" refers to items that will not fit in a trash barrel, but can still be collected and crushed by the trash truck. This includes items such as: chairs, couches, dressers, bookcases, humidifiers, etc. If you live in a multi-family home or an apartment complex, each family/resident is allowed 1 bulk item per week next to their designated trash barrel(s).

We encourage all to plan ahead if you know you will be moving. There are plenty of other options to get rid of old furniture. Post for free on Facebook marketplace, donate items to charity, etc. Some items also require a separate truck for pick-up, such as electronics & appliances. So it's best to not leave things until move-out day. If you are disposing of a lot of items, it may be best to contact a private hauler.

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