Parking in Waltham

There are many Municipal & School parking lots in Waltham. During working hours, residents and visitors may park in any Municipal lot, however they must pay to park (Mon-Sat, 8am-6pm). Parking can be paid using our “Pay by Phone” parking app, or at one of the pay stations located near the entrances of all Municipal lots. With the app, you’ll be able to make initial payments, extend parking sessions and pay to park multiple cars all from your phone without having to return to the meter (there is a 25 cent service fee to use the app). You can also enable reminders/alerts when your parking is close to ending. 

Make sure you're aware of your surroundings. "No parking" signs will be posted for major roadway work or street sweeping. During Winter months, a "Waltham Snow Emergency / Parking Ban" will be called when there is significant amounts of snowfall. You must remove all cars from roadways while a parking ban is in effect or you will be subject to tow. Parking Bans will be posted to our Winter Weather Alert Center. See below for an overview of parking during a ban.

Overnight & long-term parking Options:
There are no long-term parking spaces in City of Waltham municipal lots (meaning spaces where people can park for days or weeks at a time). Both of the municipal parking garages (Central Square Parking Deck – between Lexington Street and Common Street; and Embassy Parking Facility – off of Pine Street) allow vehicles to be parked for free overnight. Keep in mind, a vehicle may not be parked in any one space for a period of greater than 24 continuous hours (meaning that the car must be moved at least once per day), except in the case of a declared snow emergency. If the car is parked in one spot for more than 24 hours, it will be fined $25. Each day beyond that will be another $25 fine. Once it is clear the vehicle is not being moved, we will contact the police to tow the vehicle away. 

In a declared snow emergency, here are the rules:

  • Parking is free in any of the municipal lots starting at the time the emergency is declared (anyone who chooses to park prior to the announced start time must pay for the space if it is still during the enforced hours of Mon-Sat 10am-6pm)
  • The car can remain, free of charge, in the same space for the duration of the snow emergency.
  • From the time that the snow emergency is announced to end, that vehicle has another 24 hours that it can still remain in that spot, before it must be removed (school lots will have 2 hours to be moved).


  • Say a snow emergency is announced starting on a Monday at 12 noon
  • If you park in the lot at Monday at 10am, you would have to pay for the two hours (at $1/hr, or $2 total) 
  • Then say the snow emergency is announced to be ending on the Tuesday at 10am
  • That car can remain, free of charge, in that space until the Wednesday at 10am at the latest. By Wednesday 10am, it must have been removed from that parking space