Street Sweeping

 2024 Street Sweeping Schedule:

Monday & Friday  5am - 7am (Weekly)

Main St. ( From Newton St to Banks Sq)

Moody St. (Entire Length)

Around City Hall

** Weather Permitting**

Starting Wednesday April 17, 2024

Route #1 -  Tip Top section,Shirley Rd,Marlborough Rd. Section. Briarwood Rd. to Nancy Cir. :

Route #16 - Newton St. East Side, Calvary St. to High St. & Newton St to Hovey St. to Arlington Rd. :

Route #17 - Linden St Section. 7:

Route #18 - Rangely Acres Section, Gore St. to Massassoit St. Main St. to River St. to Gore St. :