Simple Recycling Pink Bag Curbside Collection Program

The City of Waltham launched a curbside recycling program for clothing and a variety of household goods. The program is in addition to our current recycling program. This free program is run by Simple Recycling in cooperation with Waltham’s Recycling Department. It is not run by the Consolidated Public Works Department and does not require enrollment.

Simple Recycling’s primary focus is on clothing and accessories, but they will also take small usable household discards (see list attached). This recycling initiative is part of the City’s attempt to reduce Waltham’s trash tonnage and reduce the amount of trash going to landfills. Simply fill your pink bag and call Simple Recycling to schedule a pick-up at 866-835-5068 or you can schedule pick-ups and report missed pick ups with Simple Recycling online here: Pink bags should never be placed in or on your blue wheeled cart. For those of you in need of pink bags, you can request them here: . To learn more about Simple Recycling, or to order more bags, go to:

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