About Waltham's Veteran Services

It is our goal to assist Veterans and their families from all eras in obtaining any benefits or services for which they may need or are entitled to receive.
About Waltham Veterans' Services

Who We Are:
The Waltham Veterans' Services office is here to help Waltham Veterans and their families on all matters. The office works independently and in accordance with State laws and regulations, manages and participates in the administration of benefits available to eligible veterans and their dependents. All Veteran Agents receive guidance and oversight by the Commonwealth's Secretary of Veterans' Services. The Waltham office provides assistance to veterans in assessing benefits, identifying Federal, State, and local programs. Please call to arrange a personal consultation with the Director of Veterans' Services. Michael Russo serves as the full-time Director.

In accordance with MA General Laws (MGL) Chapter 115 and 471, Acts of 1972, and Code of Massachusetts Regulations (CMR) 108 the Veterans' Service Officer (VSO) performs the duties assigned and authorized by the MA Secretary of Veterans' Services.

U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs (Federal) Overview:

  • Assist Veterans to apply for health care benefits
  • Provide guidance to veterans as they apply for service-connected disabilities or pensions
  • Assist veterans to apply for educational and vocational benefits through their GI Bill & post 9/11 Bill benefits
  • Housing program referrals through HUD-Veterans' Affairs Supportive Housing (HUD-VASH) Program
  • Substance abuse and mental health counseling referrals through Veterans Affairs Medical Center (VAMCs)
  • Assist surviving spouses and families with the application for pension benefits and other related benefits for which they may be eligible
  • Provide guidance with obtaining burial benefits, headstones, or foot markers
  • Assist veterans with any other VA related inquiries

MA Department of Veterans' Services (State) overview:

  • Provide financial assistance to veterans and/or their families, in accordance with MGL Chapter 115 and CMR 108
  • Assist returning veterans in obtaining their "Welcome Home" bonus from the Commonwealth of MA
  • Referral assistance for returning veterans to state educational and vocational institutions
  • Statewide advocacy for Veterans' Empowerment (SAVE) & Statewide Housing Advocacy for Reintegration and Prevention (SHARP) Team referrals for at risk veterans
  • Support the Grave's Officer in the city to ensure that every veteran's grace iss free of debris and is properly marked with a flag
  • Serve as a community liaison between the community and the veterans
  • Work to ensure that Memorial Day and Veterans' Day ceremonies are respectfully observed.

Helpful Resources: 

  • Veterans Crisis Line: 
    The Veteran Crisis Line is Available 24/7 to provide confidential crisis support to Veterans & their loved ones. Dial 988 / chat online / or Text 838255
  • US Department of Veteran Affairs:
    1-800-827-1000 / https://www.va.gov/
  • Vet Center (Boston, MA):
    617-424-0665 or 857-203-3001
  • Vet Center (Worcester, MA):
  • MA Department of Veterans' Services:
    617-210-5480 / mass.gov/veterans
  • SAVE Team:
  • MA Veterans Website:
  • N.E. Center for Homeless Veterans:
    617-371-1800 / https://nechv.org/
  • Home Base (Red Sox):
    617-724-5202 / https://homebase.org/