On-Line Reporting

E-Mail On-Line Reporting



     The Public can file reports on-line using their e-mail system. Please identify the report template you wish to file below. The template will identify fields necessary to file a report, there will also be an example report to follow if needed. Click on "e-mail the webmaster" to open up your e-mail and write your report. The webmaster will take this information and convert it to our current report format and then send back to your e-mail a police report incident number within 24 hours (72 weekends).

     You may only file an on-line e-mail report if :

There is no suspect -

If you suspect anyone police should respond to investigate or talk with individuals you suspect.

There is no evidentiary value-

If you have a tape from a phone call, finger prints from stolen item area or item dropped by suspect police should respond.

Types of template-

            Lost\Stolen Cell Phone

          Lost\Stolen Purse-Wallet

             Identification Theft

            Lost\Stolen Credit Card

            Harassing Phone Calls

                Stolen Bicycle