Waltham Fire Department Communications

Waltham Fire Department LogoWaltham Fire Department Radio

You can monitor the actions of the Waltham Fire Department on its radio system - station WQHR - 348. Set your scanner to the frequencies listed below:

  • Waltham Fire Channel 1 =  470.1125   PL 118.8


  • Waltham Fire Channel 2 =  482.2255   PL 127.3


You can also listen to Waltham Fire live on the web by going to

Waltham fire units may also operate over the MetroFire radio channels when responding to out of town/mutual aid calls or to other major incidents. The MetroFire has three main channels used by Waltham Fire Department units:

  • Metro Red 483.3125
  • Metro Blue 483.2625
  • Metro Dispatch 483.2875

As with most emergency radio systems, the frequencies are shared by various communities in the state. Therefore, you must be close enough to Waltham, MA to pick up our frequencies on a scanner.

Radio frequencies for other communities in the Metrofire district can be found at the Metrofire website,