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Under the direction of Deputy Chief Tim Pratt, the Waltham Fire Department Training Division initiates, coordinates and supervises the job development of fire fighters commencing with the probationary period and continuing on a daily-basis throughout their career.  This training includes company-level classes, multi-unit exercises and department-wide certifications.

Our training classes take place in various locations including the drill tower/drill yard located behind Central Station, the 9-1-1 training room, the Massachusetts Fire Academy (MFA) in Stow, off-site MFA classes and map classes inside each and every Waltham station.

Training Division classes focus on techniques for fire fighting, rope and water rescue, hazardous materials and terrorist events, vehicle extrication, emergency medical services and much more.  The WFD Training Division also supports continuing education for fire fighters earning their degrees in fire science by providing space for off-campus classes in the 9-1-1 center.

Furthermore, the Division is involved in research programs designed to improve fire fighting techniques, fire fighting apparatus (vehicles) and equipment, and protection of fire fighters.  The Training Division, along with Fire Prevention and Fire Suppression, prepares specifications for new fire apparatus and tests and evaluates new tools and appliances before their use in the Department.

In addition to training, maintenance, and research, the Division also oversees safety protocols, as well as cardiac defibrillator and first responder medical certifications for the Department.  The Training Division Deputy also responds to fires and major incidents and serves as the Safety Officer in the Incident Command System at these responses.

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