Birth, Death & Marriage Certificates

Vital Records

Certified Copy of Birth, Death or Marriage Certificate:
The City Clerk's Office is able to provide certified copies of birth, death, and marriage certificates. We will have a copy of persons' birth certificate if they were born in Waltham or their parents were living in Waltham at the time of the child's birth. We will have a copy of a person's death if the occurrence occurred in Waltham. We will have a copy of a marriage certificate if the couple filed their marriage intention paperwork in Waltham.

The fee is $10 per a copy. In-person requests are processed while you wait in the office. Mail requests are generally processed within two (2) business days of receipt of the request when accompanied by payment.

If you are looking for a detailed/genealogy search, where you do not know the date of the occurrence, please contact the City Clerk’s Office for instructions. The fee for this type of search is $15 per hour and may take up to two (2) weeks or more to complete the search.

Restricted/Impounded Records:
If the record is restricted/impounded, the record can only be released to the names listed on the record. Birth records can be restricted/impounded if parents were not married at the time birth. Marriage records can be restricted/impounded if it is missing parent information. If this is the case and your name is on the record, please have your photo-ID ready when you come in-person. If you complete a mail request, you must have your signature notarized in order for us to release the record to you. For more information on restricted/impounded records, please review Massachusetts General Law – Chapter 46: Section 2A Disclosure of information about vital statistics; conditions.


Filing For a Marriage License:
The first step in the process is for the couple to come in-person to the City Clerk's Office to complete the "Notice of Intention of Marriage" form. The couple must be getting married within 60 days of filing the marriage intention in Massachusetts and must be 18 years or older. To complete the marriage intention form, the couple must be prepared to answer the following:

  • Your legal names and your surname to use after your marriage
  • Dates of birth and where you were born
  • Names of your parents, including their birth surnames
  • If you were previously married, the number of times
  • Your social security numbers or a reason that you do not have a social security number
  • You must a bring a current photo-ID with you i.e. license or a passport
  • The fee is $20

After completing the marriage intention form, the couple must wait three (3) days before they can pick up their marriage license.

The marriage must be solemnized by an officiant who is able to perform marriages in Massachusetts i.e. Member of Clergy, Priest, Justice of the Peace, “One Day Solemnizer,” etc. The officiant must complete a section on the marriage license and return it to the Clerk’s Office. If a “One Day Solemnizer” is performing the ceremony, they must also return the original certificate from the Secretary of State’s Office with the license to the Clerk’s office.

Three-Day Waiver:
Couples must wait three (3) days after filing their marriage intention paperwork before they can pick up their marriage license. If the couple is seeking the three day period to be waived, the couple may request a three-day waiver through the Waltham District Court. If the waiver is approved, the Clerk’s office will issue the marriage license prior to the three day waiting period.

For more information about obtaining a marriage license please email

Getting Married at City Hall:
Weddings are performed at City Hall. The City Clerk serves as a Justice of the Peace and may solemnize a couple's marriage. Ceremonies must be scheduled during business hours and last about 15 minutes. The fee is $100 to be married at City Hall.