Water & Sewer Division

Welcome to the Water and Sewer Department!
We are located at 163 Lexington St between the Fire and Police Department.

Hours of operation
Water, Sewer, Drain Office: 7:00 am - 3:00 pm / (781) 314-3855
Water Billing office: 8:30 am - 4:30 pm / (781) 314-3810
In case of an emergency please call (781) 314-3855

We are responsible for the operation and maintenance of the city's:

  • 157 miles of water mains
  • 1347 fire hydrants
  • 137 miles of sewer pipes
  • 4006 sewer manholes
  • storm drain pipes
  • catch basins

Water and Sewer personnel operate and maintain 6(six) sewage pumping stations and 1(one) booster station:

  • Second Ave/Legion Rd
  • Woerd Ave
  • Trapelo Rd
  • Spencer ST
  • Wimbledon Circle
  • Edgewater Dr.
  • Cedarwood (behind South St /Stanley School) one booster pumping station

* See ongoing projects

Water and Sewer billing is performed by our billing clerks. Meters are read  by the meter readers. See billing info here

Our department is responsible for administering the following MA-DEP programs:

  • Backflow/Cross Connection Control
  • FOG, fats, oils and grease

The department takes 72 water samples /month that are analyzed for mandatory water quality criteria including bacteria, chlorine and sodium. We clean one third(1/3)or at least 1800 catch basins each year.  

Staff Contacts

Name Title Phone
Ian McKenzie, P.E. Assistant City Engineer (781) 314-3852
Gerard Shaughnessy Superintendent (781) 314-3836
John Meconiates Senior Code Enforcement Inspector (781) 314-3827
Kate Carnes Administrative Assistant (781) 314-3813
Julie Martinos Business Manager (781) 314-3839
Margaret Rowan Water Billing Clerk (781) 314-3825
Matthew Jacobs Cross Connection Control Inspections (781) 314-3807
Jim Capello F.O.G. Inspections (781) 314-3823
Michael Chiasson Director of Consolidated Public Works 781-314-3800
Rosanne Iacono Administrative Assistant 781-314-3811