Waltham Fire Department - Hydrant Inspections


The Waltham Fire Department will be conducting hydrant inspections throughout the City beginning on May 1, 2024 and continuing Monday thru Friday 9AM to 3PM until June 1, 2024.

The Waltham Fire Department under the direction of Chief Andrew Mullin will conduct hydrant inspections throughout the City from May 1, 2024 and continuing Monday thru Friday 9AM to 3PM until June 1, 2024. Hydrant testing will consist of the hydrant being physically inspected for damage, all caps will be removed and lubricated, and the hydrant will be opened, flushed, and a pressure reading will be obtained. The Waltham Fire Department works very closely with the Water Department to complete this vital program annually. Hydrant testing is completed by in-service Fire Companies weather dependent, around emergency calls, Department Training, and Business Inspections and therefore is impossible to schedule when a specific hydrant will be tested. Chief Mullin recommends that all persons who use water for cooking, drinking, or laundering during this period run their cold water faucets until the water is free of rust.
He advises citizens to watch for Fire Companies in their neighborhood and wet pavement in the area of hydrants as a sign that hydrant testing is in progress in your neighborhood. Any concerns regarding rusty water after having run your cold water for a period should be directed to the Water Department at (781) 314-3855.

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