Senior Work-Off Program

MASS GENERAL LAW CHAPTER 59 SECTION 5K: In any city or town, which accepts the provisions of this section, the mayor with the approval of the city council in a city may establish a program to allow persons over the age of 60 to volunteer to provide services to such city or town. In exchange for such volunteer services, the city or town shall reduce the real property tax obligations of such person over 60 on their tax bills and any reduction so provided shall be in addition to any exemption or abatements to which any such person is otherwise entitled…..

The City of Waltham has been an active participant in the Senior Work-off Program since 2001. The program allows seniors age 60 and over to volunteer in one of a variety of city offices and/or programs in exchange for a reduction on their tax bill. Hours are accrued at $11.00/hour with a maximum rebate of $750.00 per household in a single fiscal year.

The abatement is considered income by the Federal Government for which you will receive a 1099.

Eligibility requirements:

Age 60 or over
Homeowner or current spouse
Own and occupy the property
Income guidelines

Senior Work-off Application or to have information sent to you contact the Treasurer’s office at (781) 314-3263. 


  1. How many hours do I have to work? 
  2. How long do I have to complete my hours? 
  3. How are the assignments made?