Yard Waste Schedule

EZ Disposal & Recycling collects Yard Waste every other week from April 10th through December 8th, 2023. Collection alternates according to your address, which will be assigned to either A-Week schedule or B-Week schedule. To find out if you are an A WEEK (shaded) resident or a B WEEK (un-shaded) resident, please see this Yard Waste Map and follow these instructions:

  1. Search for your address in the search box located top left-hand side of the map:
  2. Click anywhere in the shaded area just outside of the box with your address:
  3. You will now see your Trash/Recycling and Yard Waste pick-up information. Once you've determined if you are an A WEEK resident or a B WEEK resident, you may follow the calendar in the next prompt.

Once you've determined if you are an A WEEK resident or a B WEEK resident, you may follow the calendar below:

a  Blue-shaded weeks indicate yard waste pick-up for A WEEK residents. Collection begins April 10th, 2023 and ends December 8th, 2023.
B   Un-shaded weeks indicate yard waste pick-up for B WEEK residents. Collection begins April 18th, 2023 and ends December 1st, 2023.

How to prepare your Yard Waste:
You may include leaves, grass, and all other easily raked material. Small twigs & branches less than 2 inches in diameter and less than 3 feet long are okay. No stumps, logs, rocks, or stones. Must be in paper leaf bags or in barrels up to 50lbs marked with “yard waste”. Free yard waste stickers are available at 165 Lexington St. It is illegal to throw away yard waste in regular trash pickup. Please note: Certain Invasive plants should be trashed, according to a special directive from the Massachusetts Department of Environmental Protection. Please do not put in compost or yard waste. Plants that can be disposed include: Kudzu, Black Swallow-Wort (seed pods or whole plant), Japanese Knotweed, Purple Loosestrife, Garlic Mustard and Sticky Weed, Oriental Bittersweet, Poison Ivy (secure in heavy plastic bag to protect workers).

*Make note - In addition, the City also provides a Leaf Vacuuming Program, where leaves from each household will be vacuumed one day per year, November - December. Bring your leaves to your curb before the Monday of your pick-up week & make sure you're not covering any storm drains. No sticks, brush, garden refuse, or other waste - only leaves. Leaves won't necessarily be picked-up on your usual trash & recycling day. See page 3 of our Recycling & Trash brochure for schedule. Please note that the leaf vacuuming program should be used to enhance the already established yard waste pick-up program, and not to replace it.