Yard Waste Schedule

EZ Disposal & Recycling collects Yard Waste every other week from April 5th through December 10th, 2021. Collection alternates according to your address and the shading color in your mapped zone (Shaded/Un-Shaded). To find out if you are a (Shaded) A WEEK resident or an (Un-Shaded) B WEEK resident, please see this Yard Waste Map and follow the instructions.

Once you've determined if you are a Shaded A WEEK resident or an Un-Shaded B WEEK resident, go to the Yard Waste page (pg 3) of our Recycling & Trash Brochure and follow the calendar/schedule for your week.

You may include leaves, grass, and all other easily raked material. Small twigs & branches less than 2 inches in diameter and less than 3 feet long are okay. No stumps, logs, rocks, or stones. Must be in paper leaf bags or in barrels up to 50lbs marked with “yard waste”. Free yard waste stickers are available at 165 Lexington St. It is illegal to throw away yard waste in regular trash pickup.

*Make note - The City also provides a Leaf Vacuuming Program, where leaves from each household will be vacuumed one day per year, November - December. Bring your leaves to your curb before the Monday of your pick-up week. Leaves won't necessarily be picked-up on your usual trash & recycling day. See page 3