Curbside Food Waste Collection Options in Waltham

There are three companies who can pick up food waste at the curb (for a fee) in Waltham. Residents must contact a company for this collection service to their home. The food waste will be composted; customers will receive some of the compost back to use for a healthier lawn or garden. Food waste must be put in containers with tight-fitting lids. This will reduce the problem of animals and pests in trash cans and on city streets. *See here for quick company comparisons 

What normally happens to Waltham’s trash?
Items placed into the regular garbage stream are sent to combustion. This means that potential nutrient-rich food waste is going up in flames. By diverting food waste from the garbage stream to these composting companies, we can also reduce the amount of trash Waltham produces and lower the city’s disposal costs.

How do they compost it?
The common method of composting simply requires making a heap of wet organic matter, including leaves, food, grass clippings, etc. and letting nature do the job of breaking it down over several months where it becomes like soil. Composting companies usually improve and speed up the process by introducing worms and fungi into the waste, regularly turning it over, and closely monitoring the amount of air and water added to the pile.

Why is compost good for soil? How does it help my lawn or garden?
Compost is extremely rich in nutrients, all gained from the breakdown of food waste and other organic matter. It can hold moisture well, and when mixed with soil provides a loam that will boost plant fertility and health. Plants grown in compost-enriched soil will require less watering and maintenance. No need to worry about smell either; usable compost will have an earthy smell, not one of garbage.

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