Permit Requests


  • BLOCK PARTIES / (Road Closures)
    Submit a detailed letter explaining the reason for any road closure. Include dates and times of event. Printed name address and Signature of all residents that will be affected by any road closures. See application here
    Application to be submitted to Chief of Police. See application here
    (Little League walks, Political motorcades, full parade etc)


    Application to be submitted to Chief of Police. Note: Noise permits are not required for residential parties but are recommended for those living in areas where homes and conditions may result in complaints from other residents. Not all permits will be approved. The Officer in charge of the department at the time of the event has the right to revoke this permit at any time. 

Public events such as concerts, block parties, parades, and large gatherings are required to obtain a noise permit when there will be amplified music or sound.  

Fee: $10.00 Cash to be paid to the police department upon approval. This fee will not be reimbursed if the event is cancelled by the organizer or if the party is deemed to be in violation of the public peace. See application here


    Application may be obtained at the City Clerk’s Office located at City Hall 610 Main St 2nd floor. Copy of your 501 c3 form from the State and three notarized names forms of individuals who will be responsible for this event.


    State Hawkers/Peddlers Permit:
    Waltham Residents: Bring application to the Police Department for processing.

            Waltham Hawkers/Peddlers Permit:

  1. Must have valid State permit.
  2. Application is obtained at the City Clerk’s Office located at City Hall 610 Main St 2nd floor. 
  3. If selling food: Must obtain a mobile health permit application from the Health Department located at Gov’t Center 119 School St. Application is to be brought to the police department for processing.  

            Ice Cream Truck Vendor:

  1. Bring Copy of permit (obtained from city or town where business is located).
  2. Obtain State Permits.
  3. Obtain Waltham Permits (see above).
  4. Mobile Vehicle Permit from health Department.
  5. Copy of Driver License and registration of ice cream truck.
  6. Bring to Police department for processing. 

            Road Race Applications:

  1. Race proposal must be submitted to the Mayor’s office located at 610 Main St City Hall. Include route proposed times, date, number of expected participants, organizer, and hosting organization.   
  2. After approval by the mayor’s office a meeting will be set up by representative from the police department.
  3. All applications for noise and other permits are to be submitted to the Waltham Police Department Community Services Division located at 155 Lexington St Waltham, Ma 02452  (Monday-Friday 7:30-3:30) Closed on legal holidays. 

    It is recommended that all permit requests be submitted at least two weeks prior to event.  Please give more time for events that may require road closures, traffic diversion, police details, or assistance from other city agencies.